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Six ways to save water in your garden

Saving water in the garden is just as important as in the home. Mulching, collecting rainwater and planting drought-resistant plants can help shrink your sprinkling Spraying around plants but leaving surrounding soil dry saves water and limits weed growth. Photograph: Alamy Photograph: Alamy Nigel Berman Fri 22 Aug 2014 12.00 BST 2 It’s important to save water [Continue]

How To Properly Water Your Garden With Water Systems

When we garden, we also water. There’s no real way to grow plants without water — even the most drought-tolerant plants like agaves and cacti need water sometimes. And with many parts of the world experiencing regular drought conditions, it’s vitally important that we plan how to water our gardens while protecting this invaluable resource. [Continue]


They were right when they said water is life because it supports many of them. But hand-watering those lawns, gardens, and flower beds consumes time. For your garden, in particular, you have to decide the most convenient way to distribute water to your veggies. The solution is an irrigation system. The challenge lies in choosing one. Here [Continue]

7 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Garden

Gardening is one of the best hobbies you can have. It is interesting, it can be perceived as an exercise and it provides you with the perfect relaxation place at your home that you can also enjoy with your friends and family. However, in order to have a beautiful and healthy garden, you need to [Continue]

Proper garden care can increase the quality and longevity of your plants, fruits, and veggies. A few hours of full sun is a must for nearly every plant, but different plant species require different levels of care. If you want your outdoor crops and beautiful flowers to withstand the seasons, it’s important to learn the [Continue]

The Truth About Water Filters

  The next time some youngster asks you what adulting is like, put it this way: “Suddenly, you’re concerned your water filter is either dirty, the wrong one, or needs to be replaced, but you can’t remember where you put the book that tells you how to do it. You can’t remember where you put [Continue]

Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape

Efficient, Responsible Water Use The danger of exhausting valuable aquifers by excessive pumping is paralleled by the threat of polluting the groundwater with industrial, agricultural and home landscape contaminants. Nitrates from excessive and untimely fertilization are especially threatening. Plants, Soils and Water When water is applied to the soil it seeps down through the root [Continue]

Lawn Watering

A neatly trimmed, lush green lawn provides a canvas around which the textures and colours of the border planting are displayed – a lawn watering system can achieve this even during a hot, dry Summer. For an effective lawn irrigation system you need quality gear-driven pop-up sprinklers which are installed in the lawn using underground pipework, making [Continue]