Soak, Drip or Spray: Which is right for you?

Soak, Drip or Spray: Which is right for you?

Choose the best of our easy, customizable, irrigation systems to help your plants thrive and save water

snip-n-drip soaker hose


Water is vital to plant health, but watering by hand can be a hassle. You have to drag hoses between gardens, move sprinklers around, or take the time to water each plant. Our innovative watering systems take the hassle out of watering. They’re the easiest way to give plants the consistent moisture they need for your biggest harvest and most beautiful blooms. Here’s why:

  • You install them once and leave them in place all season long.
  • Turn on the spigot to water plants; no hoses or sprinklers to move around.
  • They install in minutes — all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the hoses to the lengths you need.
  • Customizable systems save water by watering plants, not paths.
  • If you add a timer, your garden will water itself!

Here’s how to choose the best system for each of your gardens.


Snip-n-Drip Soaker System: Applies Water Along the Entire Soaker Hose


How Snip-n-Drip works

How the connectors work

Our flagship Snip-n-Drip Soaker Hose System uses a soaker hose to provide the slow, deep watering that plants love. By applying water at the root zone, it keeps foliage dry, helping to prevent disease problems. And it conserves water, too. Soaker hoses use up to 80 percent less water than overhead watering! By alternating sections of soaker hose and garden hose, you can set up a watering system in minutes that applies water where you need it — and not where you don’t. Place the soaker hose next to plants, and use the garden hose to cross paths and other areas where you don’t need water.

Snip-n-Drip is perfect for watering foundation plantings and multiple garden beds. We have special Snip-n-Drip systems specifically designed for trees and shrubs, vegetable garden rows, raised bed gardens and planters.



WaterWell Drip Irrigation: Pinpoint-Precision Watering


We’ve brought the efficiency and effectiveness of professional drip irrigation to home gardens! Our WaterWell Irrigation System Drip Line Kit is a complete, customizable kit that provides consistent drip action for up to four 25′ rows. The unobtrusive, small-diameter water line has precise perforations at 12″ intervals. Simply cut the drip line to the lengths you need and arrange along rows, positioning the perforations to apply water to individual plants. This slow, deep-root, targeted watering ensures each plant gets the water it needs — but weeds go thirsty, so there are fewer to pull. WaterWell Drip Irrigation is the best choice for regions with hard water.

WaterWell Drip Irrigation Kit
Our WaterWell Irrigation System Drip Line Kit waters four 25′ rows.
Our WaterWell Irrigation System Planter Dripper Kit waters up to four containers.


WaterWell Irrigation System Micro Sprinkler Kit: Provides Uniform Coverage


To water larger areas, like ground covers and perennial plantings, we recommend our WaterWell Irrigation System Micro Sprinkler Kit. This customizable system includes 12 sturdy sprinklers with built-in ground spikes: Six 180° sprinklers water half-circles up to 14′ across, and six 360° sprinklers water full circles up to 14′ in diameter. Simply arrange the sprinklers so they apply water to plants, and then cut the 50′ of garden hose to length to cross the areas you don’t want to water.

WaterWell Micro Sprinkler Kit

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